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Good friends always tell me I should write a book. Humor My Tale is my humble first attempt.

As a humorist and a humanist, I love observing people. I see goodness and humor in everything. This is reflected in my writings and my thoughts.

The language is simple, the verses fresh, and the selected pictures are a visual treat. While some are thought provoking, some will get you into splits. I am sure this book will appeal to all those who are young at heart. Kids will love it!

If you have a funny dad, a funny husband, a funny kid, or if you consider yourself a funny dad, Gags of my Father and Son is a bonus treat. This book makes an awesome gift too!

To write or not in future will depend on the success of this book. By buying this book, you have not only helped me continue, but also have motivated millions of other aspiring writers. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


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